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Registered Psychologist

I help children, teens and young adults struggling with emotional dysregulation, worries, irritability, low self-esteem and feeling stressed or overwhelmed by providing a non-judgmental space to help them learn to manage their emotions, improve their problem solving skills, rediscover their strengths, and develop new coping skills to gain confidence in who they are and how they live their lives.


I help women who are pregnant or postpartum struggling with anxiety, worry, depression, and irritability by providing compassion in a safe space to reduce symptoms, improve quality of life, develop coping skills and gain confidence to get back to feeling more like themselves and adjust to their new roles.

Audrey Stevenson
Watercolor Butterfly 12

"You do not just wake up and become the butterfly.  Growth is a process."

Rupi Kaur

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70B, 161 Liberton Dr., St. Albert, AB T8N 6A8

587-557-2155 ext 100

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