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This is your story and your journey. 

I honour the therapeutic relationship and create a safe, caring, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment.         

I believe we all have core strengths and insights, and together we will explore different ways to navigate your challenges, discover new meaning and develop tools to be more resilient and create lasting change.  I view each individual and child client as unique and capable of change.  With strong, positive relationships and coping strategies, any person and child can succeed and live a fulfilling life.

Children & Adolescents

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Childhood and adolescence are times of continual change and growth, and this can bring about stressors that kids or parents have to navigate through. 


  With children I often use art and play based activities, and with teens I spend more time talking with them directly.  Through our work together we can build insight, coping skills and confidence.

Young Adulthood

Image by Anthony Tran

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be exciting and stressful at the same time.   It’s normal to feel stressed, anxious and depressed.  Sometimes these changes can be difficult and guidance to navigate through these changes can ease the transition. 


In our work together we can explore new meanings, find new strengths and coping skills to manage stress and life changes.

Perinatal/Maternal Mental Health

Image by Alex Pasarelu

 I help expectant and new moms who are depressed, irritable, anxious, constantly worrying, stressed or burnt out or dealing with birth trauma or loss by providing a compassionate and safe space to explore old patterns or core beliefs and feelings that are contributing to their distress. 


We will work together to find new meanings and strengths, develop coping strategies and feel confident in themselves.

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