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Image by Alex Pasarelu

Perinatal/Maternal Mental Health

The journey into parenthood is often a time of joy and excitement yet it can also be a time of nervousness, frustration, worry or even sadness. With so many emotions and changes occurring, it is common that anxiety and worry surface for many expectant moms.  Childbirth brings about physical changes and difficulties that many people will talk about, but often the mental changes aren’t mentioned.  For postpartum moms, their bodies and minds have gone through major changes and often are not what they used to be.  Changes in hormones, lack of sleep, and the physical healing of the body can weigh heavily on new moms and their mental health.  These changes can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, and even a lack of bonding with the baby.  I help expectant and new moms who are depressed, irritable, anxious, constantly worrying, stressed or burnt out or dealing with birth trauma or loss by providing a compassionate and safe space to explore old patterns or core beliefs and feelings that are contributing to their distress.  We will work together to find new meanings and strengths, develop coping strategies and feel confident in themselves.


Specializing in:

  • Perinatal mood disorders such as depression and anxiety

  • Perinatal struggles including but not limited to adjustment difficulties, relationships changes, and body changes

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